What to do before you Style A Necklace

Getting an accordoi necklace is one of everyone’s dreams, especially if you have seen anyone wear one before. Necklaces are great neckpieces that will attract anyone to your neck. But when styled wrongly, you either hide the beauty of the necklace or even make it ugly. Of course, on their own, necklaces are amazing tools that already attract you. But depending on what you are wearing, your necklace may be hidden, making it invisible. Sometimes, you can even wear a necklace so wrong, and you will hate how it looks. For instance, your earring and necklace should have the same or similar colors. In some cases, if the colors are not the same, you wouldn’t like how the necklace looks.

Knowing how to style your necklace is as important as the beauty of the necklace, if not more. With the knowledge of how to style your necklace, you will have your necklace looking new and refreshed after every moment. With different ways to style your necklace, you need to choose the one that fits you best. In this guide, we will be showing you the best ways to style your necklace. If you have ever thought of styling your necklace, you should first follow these steps;

Know your height

You may already be wondering what effect your height has on how you wear and style your necklace. There are different types of necklaces available – some have long lengths while others are short. Also, some come with pendants while others have other designs. If you have an average height of around 5″5″, there is a high chance that almost any chain will look good on you. That is because the length of your chain would not be as evident on a person with a shorter height. A good way to confirm this situation is by wearing a necklace on a little child. You will realize that the necklace that sits on your neck effortlessly will look unnecessarily long on the child’s neck.

Check your neck situation

Necklaces make your neck look beautiful and have some activity. But the same necklace can deter the neck from having a good look. As against what you may think, we have different necks. That is why a fashion designer measures your neck width before sewing an outfit. If your neck is a short one, then maybe the best necklaces you need are the smaller ones. But if your legs are fuller, you can have longer necklaces. However, while picking the necklace, you need to understand your weight, so you are not carrying too many things.

Check your face type

We all have different face types worldwide. Some people have circular or oval head shapes, while others have shapes similar to your heart. Your face type should directly affect the type of necklace you choose. For a round face, a long necklace is perfect, while the oval-shaped faces can use any necklace.


The process of styling your necklace goes beyond just hooking the necklace around your neck. There are some things you should consider before buying a necklace, as discussed above.