What Is the purple lace front wig?

People usually wear wigs to alter their looks and style. However, wigs have now become a fashion statement as a whole. They come in various haircuts, styles, lengths, and designs. So finding a wig perfect for yourself is a tough job. However, with the purple lace front wig, things have been easier for you. Handcrafted with the HD transparent lace wig technology, this wig will enhance your appearance, all while keeping your scalp accessible and breathable.

Features of the purple lace front wig

Hair Color:

Bold and Beautiful is what perfectly describes this wig. The deep shade of purple gives it a dramatic look and shines brightly even under the slightest light. Even in a room with hundred people, all eyes will surely be on you!

Hair Length:

Either way, this wig is perfect for you if you are a pixie-cut person or prefer longer layers. It can be adjusted to accommodate your choice of length. Starting at 14 inches, the wig length ranges up to 30 inches. It also comes with a fixed lace area of 13×4.

Hair Type:

Generally, wigs are either made from synthetic hair or human hair. However, This purple lace wig has been handcrafted using original human hair. Therefore, with a density of 180%, it is guaranteed to give your hair a natural and fuller look.

‘S’ Waves:

It comes in a wavy pattern – described as continuous ‘s’ down the length. It gives you a much fuller look, all while keeping your scalp accessible and breathable. However, it can be styled as per your personal preference. An added advantage is the fact that you can part it anywhere you like.

How to maintain the purple lace front wig?

  1. When you have this wig on, you should reduce how often you wash your hair. Frequent washes will speed up the fading process – which is something you want to avoid.
  2. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Specifically, color-safe and sulfate-free shampoos help lengthen the fading process.
  3. Wigs become more prone to tangles and hair shedding when they become dry. Therefore, introducing a deep conditioner in your hair care routine will help avoid unnecessary damage.
  4. The wig should be brushed often to reduce tangles and keep it healthier.

Can you nap with this wig on?

The purple lace wig has been handcrafted with HD transparent lace wig technology. Therefore, it stimulates your scalp and keeps it easy and breathable. Hence, you can easily sleep with one on your head. However, ensure all the hair is in place to avoid unnecessary tangles and frizziness. This can be done using scrunchies, headbands, or head nets.


Usually, wigs come in particular lengths and styles. However, with this wig, you can customize it to your choice of size and restyle it in whatever way you want. If you are looking for a wig that enhances your appearance and reflects your bold personality, the purple lace front wig is simply the best that you can opt for.