What are the types and equipment of book case making machines?

Bookcase making machine work by providing an efficient way of covering the books and giving an outstanding look to the users. The equipment used in this machine is also environmentally friendly. It covers all those aspects that provide an outstanding product.

The book case making machine is designed in such a great manner that it covers all these features that modern machinery should have. There are different types of bookcase-making machinery. All of them are designed depending on the material they cover.

Equipment used in book case making machine

Glue system

It is designed in such a way that the glue present in the machinery depends on the type of book used to cover. The glue is spread in multiple ways either slowly, fastly, thick, or thin depending on the requirement. The glue system is adjusted automatically based on the quality of the book paper and type.

Viscosity meter device

This is a small device inserted in the book case making machine to check the viscosity and thickness of glue and other liquid material used in the machine. It works by adding water or removing the water from the machine depending on the requirement.

Brush folding device

It checks the binding of the book. It is adjusted by the users depending on the strength of the binding. If the binding is lost the brushes are allowed to work slowly. If the binding is tight the brushes should work fast. So the brush folding device has an efficient role in this machine

Feeding device for board

It works to enlarge the efficiency and range of the bookcase-making machine. The feeding device checks the strength of the board used in the machinery. It is designed to ensure that the hard paper used to cover the book should meet all the requirements of the book.

Cam positive system

The main function of the cam positive system is to set the stability and the position of the machine. This part is considered to be an important part of the machinery to maintain its efficiency.


There are three types of this machinery.

Multifunction automatic case-making machine

Automatic machinery covers all those aspects that provide effective work to the worker. In this, the user just has to manually set the type and the requirements of the covering and the machine will adjust all its functions at it’s an. The speed of this multifunction’s automatic case-making machine is very high compared to other machines and its result is also very accurate.

Riding box case-making machine

It looks like a rigid box. It was the first type used in covering books. The equipment used in this machine is to be operated depending on the requirement of the page and book cover. So the work must remain fully engaged with its work.

Long automatic case-making machine

Its working is quite similar to the working of the automatically designed machine. The main difference is that its size is big and its working speed is slow. The quality of the work provided by the machine is also outstanding.


A book case making machine is used to fulfill the requirements of people to cover the books effectively and take very less time. This machinery is very well designed. It has all those features that are the requirements of today’s world. The equipment used is well-designed and it gives effective work to the users.