Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Shrink Wraps

A high-quality shrink wrap is a necessity for any growing business. Whether you’re shipping products and need to protect them from damage or you want to keep your products fresh and safe, shrink wraps is a great asset.

But with endless varieties of clear shrink wrap models, how would you know the best one for your company? And where would you find it?

Here is your best advice when purchasing shrink wraps:

Consider Your Budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend on a shrink wrap should be your first priority when purchasing it. There are different types accessible at various price points, but if you’re searching for something economical, you may need to be more cautious with the quality you get, since they are readily available.

Consider Your Needs

The products you are shipping are huge determinants, on what shrink wraps you’ll go for. For instance, an industrial grade solution is more preferable than a consumer grade; more so, if your products require special care.

Powerful Shrinking Ability

Another crucial element is the force needed to shrink wrap a product. You need sufficient strength to prevent movement of your objects during transportation or storage, but not enough to put undue strain on them. In the event that your packages contain any liquids, this could result in damage or even explosions! So the shrink film, you settle for should be able to shrink moderately without affecting the state of the wrapped products.

Tensile Strength and Impact Tolerance

A material’s tensile strength is how much strain it can withstand before failing. It’s crucial since you don’t want your parcels to tear open during transit! The impact tolerance specifies the amount of impact the wraps can withhold (i.e., after objects colliding) without breaking free your package. For instance, if a DVD box is wrapped in a thin piece of plastic and is dropped to the ground, the wrapping needs a tensile strength to maintain the Dvd box’s state.

Flame retardant

You should buy shrink wrap that is composed of flame-resistant material. This is crucial to prevent the material from catching fire in the event that there is a fire in your warehouse or another place where you store your goods. Additionally, utmost care must be taken to prevent the shrink wrap from catching fire in the event of an accident, such as when it is penetrated by an object, as this could further harm the products or other items around.

Colour Additives

Color additives come in many different varieties. Water-based, solvent-based, and dye sublimation inks are the most often utilised types of shrink wrap films. The majority of shrink wrap films are printed with water-based ink, which is perfect for packing food because it doesn’t include any potentially dangerous ingredients. The solvents in the other two kinds of ink evaporate at high temperatures, which helps in ensuring a strong binding between the ink and the film.


Therefore, before making any decisions about the best shrink wrap for your business’s products, take into account all the relevant factors. In some instances, you might get a strong film matching the immediate need of your products, but it might not be having a color additive feature to support printing on them. So you need to be extra careful when choosing the best shrink wraps for your products.