Must-Have T.V. Box: Unblock UBOX9 TV Box

Do you have an older digital T.V., and you’re tired of paying monthly fees? The Unblock UBOX9 is the T.V. box you should buy. The Unblock UBOX9 is elegantly designed with an embroidery logo on the top and LED lights on the base of the T.V. box. This T.V. box is made of ABS plastic with a matt finish white color.

With the unblock ubox9, you can watch more than 2000 live T.V. channels from anywhere globally for free. You can also enjoy global sports like Formula 1, Football, NBA, NFL, the World Cup, or even the Olympics.

The Unblock UBOX9 TV box is the best because of its excellent features.

  1. Advanced H616 Quad-Core Processor

The Unblock UBOX9 has improved performance and reduced power consumption with an upgraded processor. You will be able to enjoy quick boot-ups, faster streaming of videos, and crisp video quality.

  1. Memory & Storage

The Unblock UBOX9 has 4GB RAM and 64 G.B. storage space. The 4 G.B. enables faster video and audio processing, while the 64 G.B. storage space provides the room you with the room to download movies and install applications.

  1. 6K HDR image

The Unblock UBOX 9 T.V. box supports 6K HDR videos. This means clearer picture quality and more vivid and smooth videos.

  1. Ports

The T.V. box has one HDMI port, 2 USB ports, and one headphone jack suited for high-end gamers. The USB ports can connect to a wireless mouse, keyboard, or even a USB drive. The box also has 1 MicroSD card reader in case you may want to check out some content from your S.D. card.

  1. Screen sharing – Unblock Tech UBOX 9

The Unblock UBOX 9 will allow you to use your phone as a remote. All you need to do is install its app on your phone.

If you are traveling, you can still enjoy your favorite movies on your mobile device. Just connect your cell phone to Wi-Fi and register an account that will allow you to control your T.V. box.

  1. Voice Assistant

With voice assistance, you don’t have to type movie names anymore. Just talk to the voice assistant and search for your favorite movie or T.V. series. The voice assistance supports not only search but playback control and system control. You can use your remote or Google assistant to control the T.V. box.

  1. Streaming

By selecting UBLIVE, you can watch tons of channels from the U.S., UK, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries in South East Asia.

With the Unblock UBOX9, you can watch 2000+ T.V. channels, 39+ sports channels, 45+ documentaries, and 39+ channels.

  1. Playback

Picture this, you are late getting home due to a heavy traffic jam, and you miss your favorite show. You don’t need to be frustrated anymore. The 24 hours playback function of Unblock UBOX9 will save your favorite show, and you can watch it any time in the future.


  • Superior memory and storage
  • H616 Quad-core processor
  • Quicker response time
  • Voice-enabled remote

The Unblock UBOX9 TV Box is a no-brainer. It is feature-packed and very affordable. You can watch movies, T.V. series, and sports channels anytime and anywhere. Grab this super T.V. box with a one-time purchase and no additional annual fee.