How To Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life

When it comes to life for trendy workers on the go, nothing is as important as battery life. This is especially true if you somehow forget your laptop charger while on the move and need to get things done fast. In this scenario, your laptop’s battery is your lifesaver. However, even the best-designed laptop is bound to run out of power at some point, and you need to learn how to care for your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus. Since a large number of laptop batteries now come sealed inside their cases with no way to replace them when they start failing, it is vital to master the techniques involved in extending their lifespan. Let’s focus on how to extend your laptop battery’s life.

You can save your laptop by saving your battery

In this age of rapidly advancing electronic design, laptop batteries are crafted to withstand a fixed average number of full charge cycles, and the figure currently stands at 500 or more for most brands. You can think of an entire charge cycle as a full discharge to empty, and then fully charging to 100%. As time goes by, each charging cycle reduces the battery’s capacity to hold a full charge, as defined in the laptop’s specification guide. For the battery to last as long as possible, it is recommended not to drain it completely.

The first step to caring for your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus is by checking out the power settings on your laptop and understanding how the battery functions. You can also take this time to figure out which battery settings to enable, in particular the hibernation mode settings. Generally, your laptop should enter the hibernation mode way before the battery is fully drained, and this also applies to the downtime when you will not be utilizing the machine for tasks.

To conserve more energy, check out your apps and shut down any that run in the background by convention and eat away at your battery’s lifespan. For example, the battery saver mode in Windows 10 is quite efficient at regulating your laptop’s energy once the charge reaches 20%. As soon as this setting comes on, all background apps are automatically shut down, and only critical apps like the calendar and email retain push notification capability.

Manually, you can shut down any video players and cloud storage syncing to prevent battery drainage. As you shut off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, as well as disabling backlighting on the keyboard, you can effectively minimize the number of laptop components eating up your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus charge.

Maintaining your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus in zone

In your efforts to extend your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus lifespan, remember that there is nothing wrong with keeping your machine plugged in even when it reaches full capacity. For lithium-ion batteries, it is advisable not to let them discharge beyond the recommended level of 20% by regularly plugging it in and charging it.

It is also recommended to charge your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus up to at least 50% before storing them for long periods.


As a savvy user, you can implement a few techniques to extend your Batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus life. These include dimming the screen, switching off Wi-Fi, and disabling Bluetooth. With the consistent regular care presented through such methods, it is possible to delay the inevitable demise of your treasured laptop’s battery.