Classifications Of Hot Tub Massage Jets In Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses hot tub jets to message targeted body parts. If you are looking for a hot tub for therapy, you must understand the importance of massage jets. Jets have different sizes, power and are of different types. Hot tubs have different numbers and placements of massage jets; check out this 5 person hot tub 140 jets and other hot tubs with strong jets and high-level horsepower. Here are the uses of hot tub massage jets in hydrotherapy.

Types Of Massage Jets In Hydrotherapy

Hot tub jets differ in strength, size, and placement; the buyer’s specification determines the strength of the jet. If you need an intense message, then you will require jets with more strength. Sports therapists prefer high-level horsepower jets for treating injuries. Each type of jet works differently on different muscle problems.

Jets with high-intensity strength are mostly used in therapy; low-intensity jets are purposed for soothing and relaxation. Its horsepower and filters determine the performance of the jets. Other uses include;

Rotating Single-Pulse Jets

These jets are suitable for massaging the shoulders; they message with a steady pulse. The massage eases the tension on targeted areas causing relief on pain.

Double-Pulse Jets

These jets are suitable for massage along the spine area; they have two nozzles that provide relatively low-intensity massage, which lessens stress and provides relaxation.

Oscillator Jets

These jets are primarily used in back therapy because they offer therapeutic pressing that causes tension relief and soothing of targeted areas. Their placement is scattered to cover large areas.

Shower Jets

They are the regular jets that offer low-intensity massage; this is suitable for hot tubs purposed for relaxation only. Their placement is also scattered to cover a large area.

Deep Relief

These jets are suitable for the high-intensity message, best used by sports therapists. They are the best option for muscle injuries to relieve tension and pain.

Target Jets

Target jets offer relief to targeted areas; the therapist uses them for pain and soothing on the areas affected.

Dual Pulse Foot Therapy Jets

These are foot therapy jets used for foot messaging; they are used for relaxation and relieving soreness.


The number of jets does not determine the effectiveness of the massage; a hot tub can have very few jets but provides good massages to its users. Check more on the intensity and placement of the jets rather than the numbers. A good hot tub should have different types of jets installed to provide different massage experiences.

The performance of the jet is determined by the air and water pump and the filters. If the pumping and the filtering system are faulty, then the jets’ performance will be affected.

Clogged jets may be a result of blocked filters; filters should regularly be cleaned to avoid blockages. Hydrotherapy uses hot water and jets for the therapy treatment; jets play a more significant role, so choosing the right type is very important. Most hot tubs with lounge seats have more jets than those without; lounge seats have more jets than the regular seats.