Benefits of using a towable boom lift

These lifts are also known as trailer-mounted boom lifts or tow-behind boom lifts. There are many benefits of using towable boom lifts on work sites. The most significant advantage of using a towable man lift is the mobility feature, with the addition of operator reach. This lift combines a self-propelled lift and a utility vehicle, making it versatile for various applications in industries and construction sites. Mostly workers and laborers select to use the towable boom lift at work sites as they can reach the height and move it to the place of their choice.

Some other advantages

Some of the advantages of the towable boom lift are:

  • It is built for applications which focus on tasks in high places, and no long-term usage is required.
  • Excellent in those locations which may not support heavy machinery. This towable lift help in transporting without the delivery service
  • It is easy to transport, simple to set up and operate, and lightweight. All these features and characteristics of a towable boom lift can save time and money for you.

As these lifts can be easily moved to the place of construction or work site, you can expect the work to begin in no time. Besides these benefits, towable boom lifts are also beneficial for maintenance, municipality construction, and everyday business and home applications. Moreover, people also use it for seasonal tasks—for instance, exterior maintenance and painting, lighting, decorating and tree trimming.

Some best features

You must check some features before renting or buying a towable boom lift. Let’s look at those so you can save yourself from any problem.

  • Working envelope range – reach and height
  • The capacity of the lift
  • Ease of setup and ease of operation

Guidelines for operating a towable boom lift

The operators for this towable boom lift are not regular operators of mobile elevating work platforms or MEWPs. So it is necessary to train the operators to avoid any inconvenience while performing the job. You can teach them in a safe space and give all the guidelines for operating the tow-behind model. Some manufacturers also offer testing guidelines and provide services of training. So it’s imperative to train the operator before working on a project or construction site to avoid accidents or injuries. The person operating the towable boom lift should be aware of everything happening around him and the downside. He should be mindful of the electrical hazards and the stability of outriggers on the ground. The company should train the operator to test the controls on the floor. Wearing the harness should also be considered to protect the operator from falling.


There are also some guidelines for towing the lift. You should check the capacity of the vehicle for towing the boom lift. Moreover, checking whether the chains are crossed beneath the tongue is also essential for safety. All these benefits and advantages can help you buy a towable boom lift and guide you in the safe operation of various boom lifts.