Benefits Of Buying Wine Tumblers From EVERICHHYDRO

Tumblers allow you to carry hot and cold beverages anywhere while keeping the liquids at their temperatures. They are versatile and can carry all kinds and temperatures of drinks. However, as the industry progressed, manufacturers began manufacturing various tumblers. For instance, there are skinny tumblers, wine tumblers, sublimation tumblers, etc.

Wine tumblers have a characteristic teardrop shape and are shorter than regular-sized tumblers. They are available with steel or plastic lids and straws. Mostly, distributors purchase them in bulk, which explains the easy availability of these tumblers. EVERICHHYDRO is a wholesale wine tumbler manufacturer. If you are hunting for bulk wine tumblers, you need to know what the brand offers.

High-Quality Materials

Maintaining quality is the most crucial task as bulk buys often end up in low-quality products. However, if you contract with EVERICHHYDRO, they will ensure you get only the best. The manufacturer has adapted to the latest manufacturing techniques and automation methods to ensure the quality remains the highest.

All the products are 100% BPA-free and environmentally friendly and have passed the FDA or LFGB quality test. In addition, the company has passed audits from various renowned companies like Starbucks, Hema, BSCI, Walmart, etc.

Availability Of Free Sample

Bulk buys of wine tumblers are not cheap. Hence, it’s only great if the supplier is willing to show a sample so the buyer can evaluate their purchase. EVERICHHYDRO offers the facility of a free product sample so buyers can quickly decide if they are in consent with the quality or not.

Moreover, depending on the buyer’s seriousness, the company can put extra effort into batch production. Standard sample delivery is between 3 to 7 working days.

Note: It varies based on the level of customization required.


The company has significant expertise in manufacturing wine tumblers and offers various printing customizations. You can ask for powder coatings, 4D sculptures, air transfer, spraying designs, heat transfers, etc. In addition, you can also customize your designs with lids (their shapes, colors, style, etc.) and straws.

You have to submit the design file (recommended formats PDF, AI, JPG, or cdr) to the company, and they will create the design and ship the sample for evaluation. EVERICHHYDRO has specificity for insulated wine tumblers.

Different Shipping Options

Once the order is ready, it needs shipping. EVERICHHYDRO mainly uses air services like TNT, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc., for shipping orders. However, if the order is more extensive than usual bulks, the company ships it by sea.

If you are comfortable with the expense, the company will hire forwarders to take the shipment to your warehouse. Or you can also use your forwarders.

Available Capacities

EVERICHHYDRO manufactures tumblers of 14, 18, 24, 32, 40, 64, and 128 ounces; however, there is no restriction. If you want a customized capacity, the company delivers it.


EVERICHHYDRO is an excellent brand for distributors when it comes to purchasing wine tumblers wholesale. Although the company manufactures other water containers, its reputation in the tumbler industry precedes it.

Usually, buyers are on the hunt for quality and economy. Most brands provide quality. However, they limit its premises to manufacturing only. In contrast, EVERICHHYDRO ensures comfort from the manufacturing process until the shipment reaches your warehouse.

Their wine tumblers are versatile and reliable and help dazzle up the regular wine cravings of your customers. Moreover, they are open to custom manufacturing as well. If you want the highest quality of customized wine tumblers, there is no better option than EVERICHHYDRO.